Dating Diaries

Hey Y'all,

  I have compiled my "Dating Diaries" posts here on this page for easy reference.  I hope everyone thoroughly enjoys them as much as I enjoyed writing them.  Although I am pretty sure I hated a few of these moments, I am so happy I made it through them.

A Little Advice From A Guy

Husband Fluffer (dating diaries #1)

And they're back (dating diaries #2)

Double date, no thanks (dating diaries #3)

Laugh, Love, Live (lessons from my parents)

Valentines Day Massacre (Dating Diaries 5)

A Glance Beyond The Husband Fluffer

Dating Disasters #1 

Dating Disaster # 2

Cinderella Syndrome

Dating Disasters- Tinder Edition

Date The Gentleman

Online Dating Advice

I Thought I Loved You

To Buy Or Not To Buy

No Said The Handbang


Tinder- What Have I Done

Anniversary of a Broken Heart

Cuffing Season 2015

Strangers On A Plane

Dear Ex Girlfriend

Dating In Today's World As Explained By Mom

Dating Isn't Dating

Two Date Rule

Summertime Syndrome Or Benching?

Serial Monogamist

Tis The Season For Cuffing