Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Double date, no thanks! (dating diaries #3)

Because I absolutely loved reminiscing while writing Husband Fluffer in addition to And They Are Back, I've decided to do a couple posts and relive some horrifying dates, some fun dates and all the laughs that came with them. It's fun as a single girl to think of all the fun times I've had. In all honesty, I don't hate any of the guys I dated. Not even the ones who hurt me terribly. I chalk it all up to difference if personality, bad timing and no chemistry.

I'm not like "normal" people, I thoroughly enjoy first dates. Crazy I know, especially because I have extreme social anxiety! I think that's a lot of my problem in dating, I have such terrible anxiety that I cannot completely open up to start a relationship and then poof it's over and done. Or there is that god awful rushing shit I do (you can read about it here). Anyways onto this date.

I met this guy through mutual friends after high school. Yes, we did go to high school together but we did not know each other. We met the summer I turned 21 and he seemed like so much fun. We'd hang out at the bar or go for drives but nothing that was an official date. One weekend I ran into him at a local concert and invited him to dinner with my sister and brother in law... HUGE mistake! Here I am sitting in a tiny ass booth with the biggest judges of all (sis and b-i-l) and this poor dude is trying to make conversation while trying to grab my hand under the table. Now to fully understand this, I NEVER had a boyfriend in high school. I had a boyfriend in junior high for approximately 4 hours before I broke up with him (I still feel mean for that!).

So here I am, totally awkwardly spazzing out trying to avoid the ever dreaded hand holding while two sets of judgey eyes watch every move. It was pretty damn awful! I do believe I ended up leading the poor dude on a wild goose chase through mountain bars only to end up where we started and totally boning out on him. In all honesty, had I stayed with him that night I never would have met my 40 year old mistake, but hey you live and learn... Except for me, I live and make the same mistakes OVER! What can I say, I'm a glutton for emotionally unavailable men. Yet I don't know this until my heart is complete entangled... Way to go Champ!