Friday, September 30, 2016

Become Your Own Matchmaker, Chapters 4-6

If you missed my recap on chapters 1-3 of Patti Stanger's book "Become Your Own Matchmaker" , read here.  I will not lie this book is getting harder and harder to read.  Most likely due to the fact that the information Patti shares is completely repetitive.

Chapter 4 was all about the types of men not to date and the ones to date.  For instance, I now know that I should seek a relationship with "Gary the Great Friend" as he will most likely be someone that goes at my pace and will have always been there... somewhere in the background silently cheering me on while I chase down and obtain dreams.  It is also all about finding your top ten must haves and five non-negotiable traits of your soulmate.  I will not lie to y'all, I didn't do this, because it seemed tedious.  I guess I will never find my soulmate now.

Learning to love dating was the jist of chapter 5.  Patti is teaching her readers how to enjoy dating and what to talk about.  Never mention that you stalked him via social media, apparently that no-brainer bodes ill for the outcome of the relationship.  This is where things start to get repetitive.  We all kow that it is important to be charming, not to call him, to always wait for him to call you, never allow him to make last minute plans, etc.  This chapter goes back to the dating advice of our mothers
and grandmothers.  She also reiterates the fact that we should never put all of our eggs in one basket.  There are three types of men we need to keep around until "the one" makes his move.

Six brought on the steps of the relationship from the honeymoon phase all the way up to the engagement and BAM you are married with 2.5 kids, a dog and minivan (please God, not a minivan).   In all honestly chapter six was a tough read for me so I skimmed it.  Patti again tells us which rules we must play by and how t get what we want.

Next week I will wrap it up with 7 & 8 and whether or not I plan to take Patti and her rules to the streets for a try out.

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