Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Canada, Eh? (Picture loaded post)

December is upon us... How did that happen!?!?  I am feeling a little overwhelmed with how close Christmas is!  With a new month brings a recap of the last.

November was pretty good.  Let's see, there was Canada, oh and Canada and more Canada; drinking myself into a stupor the eve of Thanksgiving; skipping Thanksgiving for a steak; a train ride; Christmas decorating and shopping, oh and Canada....

Did I mention Canada?

Alberta was absolutely amazing.  There are no words to describe the fun we had, the magnificent and majestic views, the crazy Canadian ice drives, the food, the beer...  EVERYTHING WAS INCREDIBLY AMAZING!!!!  I even caught a glimpse of an Alberta old school punk band that was back together for a few hometown dates.  We made friends, I was booed by an entire bar for my choice in football teams, I learned about Canadian football, met the coolest country music loving bartender, and everyone was nice!

We never did spot the moose nor the Northern Lights, but I wouldn't trade to experience and trip for anything.  If you plan to head to Canada, know that Alberta and the Canadian Rockies are worth it.  Standing beneath the Canadian Rockies and looking up and realizing the true beauty of nature and how insignificant our problems are in the grand scheme of things, is more than gratifying... It is an awakening.    Needless to say we were sad to leave, but excited to announce we will be back for the summer months!

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