Thursday, October 20, 2016

We Can Do Better

I have lived in the same community my entire life.  It is where I was born, raised and chose to stay as an adult.  Yes there were times that I contemplated leaving, mostly in and directly after high school, but small town mountain life always won.

I have been involved in the community as well.  I taught dance at the local dance studio for years, as a teenager I umpired for Little League, I boycotted when our lake was taken over by a corporation, I ran for a local board and I have stood up for the small town way of life.

Over summer a local sports organization was looking for board members and made it seem like everything was easy and it was all for the kids.  I agreed to help out.  While I do not resent my choice, I do feel exhausted by the treatment of some of these people I work alongside to make the organization better for the kids.  Or is it really making the organization better for the kids?  Maybe it is about egos and fear of failure.

When we sign up to volunteer, we are doing so out of the kindness of our being and if someone is choosing to volunteer for a gold star they had better seek that somewhere else.  I have noticed a trend in our world today where we do not help unless we are helping ourselves.  I will admit I am guilty of this...  I signed up to give me something to do, to be part of my community, to make it a better place for families and children.

I did not sign up to be treated like visions are garbage or to be a whipping post.  I am just thankful my anger has been kept under control, because at times I cannot control the words that come out of my mouth.

My point is, if you volunteer and start losing sight of the reason you are doing it in the first place it is time to take a break.  No one is forcing you to show up.  Unless of course it is your ego.  In that case you definitely need the break.  It is not ok to belittle people who ask questions.  You don't have to have the answer and if you don't let someone else answer or simply say, "I don't know."

We have become lazy and stagnant in the amazing things we can create for the kids in our lives and communities.  It is about thinking outside of the box and pushing yourself to your limits so that these kids see actual real life role models.  These kids will grow into adults and they will remember poignant moments in their lives, why not be someone who helped create those memories?

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