Saturday, July 22, 2017

30 Things

30... I could NOT wait to be 30 and in the blink of an eye, the year flew by and I am officially 31.  Here's a few things from 30-

Life moves faster the older you get. 

Be assertive and stand your ground when you know you're right. This doesn't mean you don't have to listen to the other side, but hold true to who you are and your beliefs. 

Friendships grow stronger and some end, both are ok. 

Travel- it's keeps you from becoming stagnant. 

Go out, have that glass of wine. 

Invest in yourself- education, hobbies, pedicures. 

Walk away when something isn't right. 

Stop and take in the beauty of the world. 

It's ok to take a break. 

Plans change. 

Laugh and laugh a lot. 

Your body will treat you and well as you treat it. Work out, go walks, stay moving. 

Your life won't turn out exactly as you planned, doesn't matter. Enjoy it. 

Read a book, even if it takes all year long. 

Be unapologetically beautiful in who you are. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Walking Away

Over the course of my life I have had to make decisions to walk away from things that no longer serve or suit me.  Sometimes it is a relationship or friendship, sometimes it is an actual person that you can't even be around anymore, jobs, classes, volunteer work, lifestyles.. You name it, there is something we have all had to choose to walk away from.

Last week I left my volunteer position with the community cheer program.  It was hard, but a day after my decision I slept better than I had months.  What it really came down to was black and white for me.  It no longer served as a happy and peaceful position, but instead filled me with dread and worry.

It made me realize that as we become more "adult" in our lives there are things and people we have to let go of so we can grow and create the life we not only want, but deserve.  I also saw the light that people I was "close" to aren't really my kind of people.  They never saw me and they never actually respected me or my position and that is ok for them, not for me,

If there is something that just doesn't make you happy anymore, no matter how hard you try, it just won't work.  Most importantly, it is ok to walk away with your head held high as there are great things waiting for you at the end of the stressful, disrespectful tunnel.

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Happenings

Here we are at the 2nd Monday in July and I am back over here , in my little corner of the internet.

Not a lot has happened, but I will catch you up anyway.

4th of July was a  fun filled weekend, even though I did have to work on the 3rd.  My little community had fireworks on July 1st and I had some people over to enjoy them from my deck.  On the 3rd, I headed to a friend's house and we walked to her neighbor's to watch fireworks from his deck.  The 4th was spent at a friend's dock, enjoying a couple of beers and the company of good friends.  It was a calm and peaceful 4th.

Cheer season is starting up and I find myself in quite a conundrum.  I am not happy or excited for the season to start and I am starting to be thankful that I don't have kids, because subjecting them to youth sports and the political bs on the side is insane.  I have to give props to parents who keep the bs out of their kid's lives and their own.  I have to remind myself that I have no dog in this fight and I can walk away from it, without repercussions.

I started a venture with It Works as a Distributor.  After years of being a Loyal Customer I came to the conclusion that it was time to get a little something more out of the company I had been buying products from.  I promise to share my favorite products with y'all over the next couple of weeks.

I also have become addicted to "Jane The Virgin" on Netflix.  I. CAN'T. STOP. WATCHING!  It is so all over the place and crazy, but in a good way.  Plus it has filled the void since I have been dying without new episodes of GOT.

That is about all I have got for now.  Hopefully you're all happy to see me back around these parts!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Dietary Preferences

Last week I went out with a few friends for dinner and to catch up.  We have always discussed different eating options.  In fact this group of us have done Whole 30 before and one of us is now a modified paleo eater.  This got us talking about people and how rude they can be when it comes to lifestyle changes and eating.

My entire theory is that if you are eating a specific way, you need to bring your own snacks and food, much like a person with allergies.  This prevents any host from feeling like they have to accommodate everything for one particular person.  While I do believe a good host will offer something special for someone with dietary restrictions, I don't believe it is necessary.

 However, eating a particular way has made regular eaters a little bit judgey of those eating differently.  For me, this first started in junior high school.  I loved pretzels with mustard and have always been a water drinker.  A girl at my lunch table looked at me and said "what are you, on a diet?  You only ever eat a pretzel and water."  I wasn't on a diet, that was my food preference at 13, but why did it matter?  It is something that has only gotten worse.

This brings me back to the conversation form last week.  One of the ladies had gone on vacation with her husband and another couple.  She packed her paleo approved items and never once expected the other couple to adhere to her lifestyle.  She said the other husband was a bit rude about her lifestyle choices, yet she opted to make a paleo dinner for everyone one night and surprise surprise, everyone loved it,

While it can be irritating to people outside of your dietary preferences, you should have to lie and say you're allergic.  Frankly, how you eat is no one else's' business.  The thing is, even if you don't agree or understand, you need to be supportive or keep your mouth shut.  It doesn't matter if someone only eats tree nuts and water, if they are taking care of themselves and not pushing their lifestyle on you, you shouldn't push your lifestyle on them.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

That Time I Shrunk

This week I ha to go in for yearly physical.  Everything is good, I just figure if insurance is going to cover the entire visit and it's considered "preventative" then why not?  I mean what better way to find out you're going to live another few years than getting poked and prodded.

Anyways, I got to the office about 30 minutes ahead of my appointment which in and of itself was amazing.  I got all checked in and got ready for a long wait.  Luckily it was only 5 minutes and the sweet nurse took me back.

We went over to the scale where they told me I lost weight which was exciting.  Next up was measuring me.  Here is where things get interesting.  I am standing on platform of about 4 inches and my nurse is all of 5 foot 1 inch tall.

I have always been 5 feet 7 inches tall.  At least since 7th grade.  The poor little nurse is trying with all of her might to get the measure thing to the right angle for her to read and I said, "it''s ok, I am 5'7" and have been."  She laughed...

Not like a chuckle, but an actual fucking laugh, "ok sweetie, you're 67 inches tall which makes you 5'6"."

In my head I screamed ,"Um... NO, I am not.  That would mean I have shrunk an like inch and I haven't shrunk an inch, damn it!!!  This isn't Alice in Wonderland and I didn't drink some weird elixir."

On the outside, I smiled and asked what could have happened.  I was told I needed to stretch more and they will check my height again next year, but I shouldn't be alarmed.  The rest of the appointment went by smoothly.

As I left I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I went toward the front doors and stood next to the height strip and asked the receptionist what it said... She looked at my like I was a crack head and quickly answered the phone.

Next stop was Bath and Body Works, where I asked the lady helping how tall she was.  It was not comparable because she was wearing heels...

I continued being a psycho about my height until I got home and measured myself and guess what?!?!  I am still 5'7" where I plan to be FOREVER!!!

The moral of the post?  Don't measure people if you can't use the device properly or read the numbers correctly.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer BBQs

Summer and BBQ go together like the moon and stars, peanut butter and jelly, Ike and Tina...  O.k. maybe not the last one so much, but you catch my drift.

Here in Southern California we have been living an endless life of summer time with the occasional rain storm or fog.  That being said, it is time for out door dinner parties and clean patios.  That is what I will be working on this month.

I love having people over and I love when everyone brings something to add to the meal at hand.  I am a huge proponent of tri-tips, grilled chicken, grilled fish, veggie trays, salads and fresh fruit in the summer months.  The easier the recipe the better.

I really don't even mind the clean up, so long as we use paper plates, plastic utensils and there is an empty dishwasher to be loaded.  

Summer nights are all about people around you, the food before you and cheers you give one another with wine, beer or spirits.  

Here's to another great summer!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 1st!

We are pretty much halfway through this year... That is crazy to me.  Before you know it we will all be discussing Christmas and snow.

How does time go by so fast?

And more importantly, how did I not blog as much as I promised myself I would?

That is the question that is killing me the most.  We all get busy, we all have lives away from the computer and cyberspace, but why wouldn't I make time for something that just makes me happy?  Because of life, that is the simplest answer I have.

Here are my June goals-

Stop by my blog and actually post twice a week.

Meet my It Works goal of 4 customers by June 20th.  Anyone interested in changing you life for the healthier?

Put some more money into my savings account.

Get back to four days a week of cardio.

Want to share your June plans with me?