Tuesday, June 13, 2017

That Time I Shrunk

This week I ha to go in for yearly physical.  Everything is good, I just figure if insurance is going to cover the entire visit and it's considered "preventative" then why not?  I mean what better way to find out you're going to live another few years than getting poked and prodded.

Anyways, I got to the office about 30 minutes ahead of my appointment which in and of itself was amazing.  I got all checked in and got ready for a long wait.  Luckily it was only 5 minutes and the sweet nurse took me back.

We went over to the scale where they told me I lost weight which was exciting.  Next up was measuring me.  Here is where things get interesting.  I am standing on platform of about 4 inches and my nurse is all of 5 foot 1 inch tall.

I have always been 5 feet 7 inches tall.  At least since 7th grade.  The poor little nurse is trying with all of her might to get the measure thing to the right angle for her to read and I said, "it''s ok, I am 5'7" and have been."  She laughed...

Not like a chuckle, but an actual fucking laugh, "ok sweetie, you're 67 inches tall which makes you 5'6"."

In my head I screamed ,"Um... NO, I am not.  That would mean I have shrunk an like inch and I haven't shrunk an inch, damn it!!!  This isn't Alice in Wonderland and I didn't drink some weird elixir."

On the outside, I smiled and asked what could have happened.  I was told I needed to stretch more and they will check my height again next year, but I shouldn't be alarmed.  The rest of the appointment went by smoothly.

As I left I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I went toward the front doors and stood next to the height strip and asked the receptionist what it said... She looked at my like I was a crack head and quickly answered the phone.

Next stop was Bath and Body Works, where I asked the lady helping how tall she was.  It was not comparable because she was wearing heels...

I continued being a psycho about my height until I got home and measured myself and guess what?!?!  I am still 5'7" where I plan to be FOREVER!!!

The moral of the post?  Don't measure people if you can't use the device properly or read the numbers correctly.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer BBQs

Summer and BBQ go together like the moon and stars, peanut butter and jelly, Ike and Tina...  O.k. maybe not the last one so much, but you catch my drift.

Here in Southern California we have been living an endless life of summer time with the occasional rain storm or fog.  That being said, it is time for out door dinner parties and clean patios.  That is what I will be working on this month.

I love having people over and I love when everyone brings something to add to the meal at hand.  I am a huge proponent of tri-tips, grilled chicken, grilled fish, veggie trays, salads and fresh fruit in the summer months.  The easier the recipe the better.

I really don't even mind the clean up, so long as we use paper plates, plastic utensils and there is an empty dishwasher to be loaded.  

Summer nights are all about people around you, the food before you and cheers you give one another with wine, beer or spirits.  

Here's to another great summer!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 1st!

We are pretty much halfway through this year... That is crazy to me.  Before you know it we will all be discussing Christmas and snow.

How does time go by so fast?

And more importantly, how did I not blog as much as I promised myself I would?

That is the question that is killing me the most.  We all get busy, we all have lives away from the computer and cyberspace, but why wouldn't I make time for something that just makes me happy?  Because of life, that is the simplest answer I have.

Here are my June goals-

Stop by my blog and actually post twice a week.

Meet my It Works goal of 4 customers by June 20th.  Anyone interested in changing you life for the healthier?

Put some more money into my savings account.

Get back to four days a week of cardio.

Want to share your June plans with me?

Friday, May 26, 2017

"Direct" Personality

On Wednesday I walked into a training course on communication.  I was surrounded by 12 people I had never met before and, frankly, will never see again.  They all worked together and I am from a workplace 2 hours away.  The workplace dynamic between these people was interesting to say the least.

Our instructor jumped right in and made us do group activities, starting with a round of Mad Gab cards.  Apparently I am a genius at this game, or these people were just not good at it.  After that nice little ice breaker, we jumped into communication and its importance.

To my left was a table of two women and a man.  To my right was my partner, Christy, and then a table of all men.  The men were crack ups.  I don't think I have heard so many men giggle as I did on Wednesday.

After the little 1980's film about miscommunication we jumped into a personality test.  With four different personalities to choose from , I knew which one I would be immediately.

Here is the thing about me, I am not warm and cuddly.  Especially not at work.  I have a job to do and sometimes I have to be horribly stern with customers.  It comes from working with billing and non payment.  People don't realize it, but it really does take a particular personality to get the job done.  My heart doesn't bleed (often) for people and I come across with a "take no shit" demeanor.

So it was no surprise when my results were "direct" personality.

Everyone else was spirited (something shiny syndrome), considerate (let's group hug) and systematic (the OCD of the office).  Then we were put into groups...

How many people were in my group you may ask..

Just one.


I had to complete the negatives of my personality and you would not believe how these people were afraid to hurt my feelings by saying negatives about my personality trait,

I know I am defensive in body language, inconsiderate to emotions of other, and have a tendency to be a fast paced, fast talking person who tends to work alone.  These are not new to me.

I couldn't help but laugh as these 12 strangers were so shy about the personality traits.  In fact one man said, " I would hate to work with you, because you would make me actually do my job..."

Why yes Stan, I would.

All in all, it was a great course and I don't think I have laughed so much in a work training.

Monday, May 22, 2017

How Is It Monday

It is Monday.. How did that happen already?!?

It was literally just yesterday that I was sitting poolside with a fresh Michelada in my hand getting sun at the river.

Ok, it wasn't really fresh... It was a Styrofoam cup from a  gas station with fresh lime and a Coors Light.

It is still classy!

Anyways, today is one week from Memorial Day and two months until my birthday.  I cannot help but feel like summer has started around these parts.

While I am happy about summer, I am also longing for the holidays with snow, because we never actually got winter in Southern California.  At least not the kind of winter we would have when I was a kid.

Yes I am sick and twisted.

Anyways, I hope y'all have a lovely Monday!

Friday, May 19, 2017


Sometimes bloggers are a little less creative than usual.  This week is one of those weeks and this post is one of those posts.  So here is what I am currently up to.

It Works- I finally stepped up and signed up to be a Distributor of It Works.  The products are amazing.  There is something like 46 products, but I swear by four of them.  After two years of using the hair, skins nails vitamins I knew I had to sign up.

The Beatles- Lately I have been listening to The Beatles.  I have always been a fan, it just seems like lately their music is good for my soul.  Plus SiriusXM just added The Beatles channel... I am in love!

Girls River Weekend- This weekend has been a few months in the making.  We picked a date back in February and stuck with it and now the weekend is finally here.  We had a few girls drop out, but 4 of us are still going for some fun in the sun to work on tan lines.

"The America Heiress"- I picked this book up at Target and  I am planning on starting it this weekend.  I recently finished "Last Woman Standing" and "The Secret Life of Violet Grant".  Both of which I liked and plan to recap on the blog.

Hoping everyone has a great weekend full of beautiful weather, shenanigans, and laughter.

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Good Old Hockey Game

For starters, if you don't know the title of this post is lyrics to a song, you are not a true Canadian hockey fan.  I am neither Canadian nor a hockey fan, but that didn't stop me from going to Game 7 of the Western playoffs to watch the Anaheim (Mighty, yes they will always be the Mighty Ducks to me) Ducks and the Edmonton Oilers last week.

Truth be told, it was amazing to witness such a huge victory crowd, but it still leads me to believe that they are all front runners from Orange County in their hideous orange and black.

Seriously what happened to the purple and jade of the 90's when the Disney Company founded the team at the Pond (which is now the Honda Center... I hate change!)?

Anyways, this wasn't my first professional hockey game.  They are fun.  It is a great atmosphere, full of excitement, and for the most part the fans are respectful to the visiting team's fans.  

As for the game, I don't know much about hockey other than the players want to get the puck in the net of the opposition.  The plays are fast and it is more intriguing than soccer or basketball.  That being said, I do know a bit about the history of hockey, the original six and the fact that Canadians are HARDCORE fans!

I really think hockey is more exciting in the movie "Mystery, Alaska" than it is IRL, buT that could be because Russell Crowe is sort of endearing as are the rest of the guys.