Friday, March 8, 2019

Women Celebrating Women

In case the world of social media has not let you know, I will, today is International Women's Day.  A day where the world celebrates the strengths, sacrifices, loves, educations, passions, successes and opportunities of women across the planet.  It is a day where we join together and push other women to be great.  Even though most women push others to succeed every day, it is nice to have an entire day of inspiration.

I have been blessed in my life with amazing women.  From a strong, intelligent mother to two stubborn and willful sisters, a boss and an aunt breaking through and making it in a man's world to an amazing tribe of supporting women; I am beyond blessed.  These women have shown me, anything is possible, we just have to believe in ourselves the way those we love believe in us.

We may not all become Rachel Hollis or Oprah (gosh, do I love Oprah), but we can push and cheer our girls on each step of the way just as we can call each other out for not being our best selves.  I know every person has a shining light they dim down for fear of outshining, outdoing, or putting themselves on display, BUT if we were more ourselves and less of what society expects, we will do amazing things.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Life Isn't Fair Nor Is The Pain

Life isn't fair- the losses we are dealt are devastating and leave us asking "why".

I don't have answers.  And as of today, I am not buying the "God knows what he is doing..." cop out.

It is true, things happen for reasons.  Sometimes the reason is there is a psychopath looking to hurt someone, sometimes it is a weakened immune system, an accident, a disease brought on by genetics or exposure, but one thing is certain- we all die and we don't know when our time is up.

I am saddened and angry by the news delivered to me Friday morning.  A friend, a wife, a mother, an aunt, a daughter and one of the sweetest souls I have ever met passed on...  I don't know details or particulars, but she is gone and it has left an immense ache within my soul.

Why her?

Why not some POS who hurts people? 

The answer is stupid, but it boils down to, it was her time...  Which is the hardest pill to swallow. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Krista's Keto Chronicles- Restaurant Cheats

One of the hardest things about the Keto way of life is getting familiar with things you can and cannot eat.  I cannot tell you how many posts I see daily about going out to eat and what to order.  Clearly you want to go with a salad, but honestly sometimes another salad is one too many.

Obvious choices are burgers without buns, no ketchup, no noodles, nothing deep fried with breading, no tortillas, but lets dive deeper-  *Side note, this is mostly for dirty/ lazy keto.*

Subway- here all you can pretty much do is another salad.  Turn any of your favorite subs into a salad.  Watch the tuna salad, tomatoes, onions and some the dressings.

McDonald's- Yes I know McDonald's is the least healthy thing, but truthfully, when you are in a bind you have to do what you have to do  They have salads which is great- be sure to go with grilled chicken.  You can do a grilled chicken sandwich with no bun or any burger with no bun. 

In 'N Out- Protein style- enough said.  Also stay away from the sauce and ketchup, opting for mustard.

Mexican Restaurants- Fajitas with extra guac please, hold the beans, rice and tortillas!

Italian- I avoid Italian due to the mass amounts of pasta and how much I love it.  One good thing is the antipasto salad and truthfully I make that at home quite often.  Also, crustless pizza is a life saver.

Japanese- I also avoid sushi restaurants, but Benihana teppanyaki grill is a great choice, just avoid the rice!

Chinese- A lot of Chinese ( and Asian) restaurants rely on cornstarch, but if you can get a side of veggies and a sauce-less protein you will be golden.

The key about eating out and being Keto is to use your brain and not fall for excuses.  I am guilty of thinking, "well it is only one taco" or "I can restart tomorrw when I am not cheating", but those are lazy excuses.  Keto is a lifestyle change, not a diet and the sooner you treat it as such, the sooner you will see your results.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Krista's Keto Chronicles- The Shopping List

Happy Monday everyone!  I cannot believe that today is the last day of 2018.  As fast as time is moving, I must admit, 2018 is another year I won't be missing,  Clearly it wasn't as tough as the later part of 2017, but the residual pain, hurt and heartbreak took over parts of this year and I am ready to move forward on a happy, better, lovelier note.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am an avid follower of Keto and I have had great success on Keto.  Admitting that I was 45 pounds heavier than I am right now is a shocker, but with Keto and exercise I am shedding the weight to get back to a healthy lifestyle.  Truthfully, I am not worried about the number on the scale, more about my healthy ability to do things and enjoy life.

The best thing about Keto is how amazing you start to feel and how easy it really is.  We all have the knowledge within us, we just need to apply to every day life.  Meal planning and prep is a HUGE way to succeed, BUT you don;t necessarily have to spend hours prepping and planning.  The key to being successful is to keep it simple.  Mexican food- no chips, no tortillas, load up on cheese, meat, guac and salad.  Italian food I choose to stay away from, unless I make it at home, but again, simple swaps- zoodles or spaghetti squash instead of pasta and home made alfredo is you BFF.  Bunless burgers, steak, chicken, shrimp, asparagus, cabbage, salads... The possibilities are endless and delicious.

Truthfully I live off of salads, steaks and veggies.  Pinterest has amazing boards chock full of recipes, but again I say, keep it simple-
Antipasto Salads
Egg Muffins
Scrambled Eggs
Chef Salad
Taco Salad
Vegetable Soup
Bone Broth (a must to prevent Keto flu)
Rolled deli meat with cheese

Here is my bare bones shopping list-

- Iceberg Lettuce
- Celery
- Spinach
- Baby Greens Mix
- Caesar Salad Kit (Leave out croutons)
- Broccoli Slaw
- Spaghetti Squash
- Cucumbers
- Mushrooms
- Avocados

- Cauliflower
- Zoodles
- Spinach
- Brussel Sprouts

Meat Department
- Organic fed steak
- Tri tip steak
- Organic chicken breasts
- Shrimp
- Bacon
- Sausage

- Sliced cheese
- Turkey breast
- Ham (research which has the lowest carbs, I prefer Black Forest over Honey)
- Salami
- Pepperoni

- Heavy Cream
- Eggs
- Sour Cream
- Cream Cheese
- Cottage cheese (if I am lazy/dirty Keto)
- Butter (Kerry Gold brand is BEST)
- Spinach Artichoke dips

Condiments/ Canned Items
- Tuna
- Olives (green and black)
- Pickles
- Mustard
- Salad Dressings (Blue Cheese- I make at home; watch the carb counts.  Caesar and Ranch are good go tos)
- Artichoke hearts

Cream cheese and butter are great to get your fat counts up.  Currently I am using My Fitness Pal to keep track of my calories, carbs, and fiber intakes.

Keto Coffee is another amazing tool.  It keeps you fuller longer, has MCT Oil and grass fed butter.

Strict Keto is less that  grams of carbs a day.  Remember you can deduct fiber from carbs if it is over 5 grams.

I prefer lazy Keto and stick to about 25-35 grams of carbs.  It works for my lifestyle considering I hit the gym 3-5 times a week.

I use this pad to help meal plan.

Let me know if you plan on starting Keto.  I would also love to hear what eating plans y'all are following for 2019.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Best Last Minute Gifts

We are one week away from Christmas, which means it is go time people.

How many of you have procrastinated to the point of panic?

How many are still scrounging for gift ideas, because Christmas came faster than you thought?

I love both Amazon and WalMart for gifts.  Not only because of the variety and affordability, but because of the quick delivery.  Last year I was a last minute shopper, as in I ordered gifts on the 20th, praying they would be here by the 23rd, so I feel your pain.

Here are a few gift ideas for everyone-

Amazon's Echo Dot ($19.99) Hello good music and Alexa.
Magic Bullet Blender ($31.99)  Hello Bullet Proof Coffee every morning!  
Adorable mini notepads ($17.99) Perfect for every writer/ note take/ list maker.
Gold Retro Bar Cart ($64.00) Perfect for the hostess with the most-ess!

Fitbit Versa ($150.00 approximately) 

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  What about your wrapping?

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas Movies I Will Be Watching

With Christmas in two weeks, we are fastly approaching Christmas.  There is nothing like a great Christmas movie to get you feeling the joy and giving of the season.

1. Christmas  Vacation- This classic makes my holiday every year.  From the one liners to Todd and Margo, this movie is nothing short of festive.  The past few years I have put it on at my parent's house while I help with the tree decorating.  Most of time, my dad and I end up just watching the movie and forgoing the decorating.

2. White Christmas- There is something about Bing, Rosemary, Danny and Vera teaming up together that creates a world in which you wish you could celebrate Christmas with them and the General.  Little known fact, the song "White Christmas" was actually written for the movie "Holiday Inn" starring Fred Astaire prior to "White Christmas".

3. Elf- Will Farrell is the king of comedy in my book so clearly "Elf" is one of my favorites.  He gives himself such an innocent and naive love of Christmas that you forget you are watching a SNL God who would dry hump things on television.

4. Home Alone- What can I say, it wouldn't be Christmas without Kevin and the Wet Bandits.  Last night I watched it on the big screen thanks to Harkin's Theaters hosting Christmas movies on Tuesday nights.

5. Home Alone 2-because obviously you HAVE to watch both!

6. A Christmas Story- "You'll shoot your eye out" has become a saying in our family ever since TBS and TNT switched off running this movie on repeat.  I believe they now run it for 48 hours straight between Christmas Eve and Christmas night.  With its lame 80's humor and that sweet leg lamp, who can say no?

7. Meet Me In St. Louis- This isn't really a Christmas movie, but Judy Garland in her red velvet dress singing "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" to a young Margaret O'Brien makes it perfectly Christmasy in my book. 

8. Christmas Chronicles - 20 million viewers tuned in to watch Kurt Russell rock his roll as Santa getting arrested during Thanksgiving week.  This movie is definitely perfect for everyone to gather around and get lost in.

And finally, because it wouldn't be Christmas without it, Die Hard.  After all, the movie is centered around a Christmas party.

Honorable mentions include the Hallmark channels, ION, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.  They are chock full of cutesy Christmas love stories that can be gag inducing at times.  But really, they just spread a bunch of Christmas cheer!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Skincare Stocking Stuffers

It isn't even "officially" winter yet, but my skin has been taking a beating through the dry, cold and windy conditions.  I already have difficult skin (hello, combo skin with large pores that tends to break out massively and let's not forget those lips that crack and split while I apply lip balm).  Knowing that I am not alone, I wanted to share some of my must haves to make it through winter glowing and smiling.  And while this may seem like a WalMart sponsored post, I can assure you it is not; I just love their affordable prices and FREE two day shipping over $35.00.

Vaseline Lip Treatment- Vaseline is my go to for cracked lips, dry elbows, dry skin... you name it, it saves me.  This Rosy Lip formula is by far one of my very favorite things in my possession.  Plus this little canister lasts such a long time.  At under $3.00, you can't go wrong!

Dr. Teal's Coconut Body Lotion- I won't lie, it wasn't until very recently that I started to moisturize every day after getting out of the shower.  What can I say, I am terrible at time management and so my skin suffered.  As a result my elbow started cracking and bleeding all over the place.  I happened to grab Dr. Teal's on a whim at WalMart and it was the best whim ever.

Hair Skin Nails Supplements- I am a crazy person when it comes to the health of my hair, which is how I found these gems.  They pack a super punch of biotin and collagen which helps keep my hair healthy, but added bonuses include longer and stronger nails and glowing skin.  I can honestly say this has helped clear up my adult acne and doesn't make my hormonal breakouts as horrible.

Thayer's Rose Witch Hazel- I use this witch hazel as a toner.  It keeps my face fresh and bright all year long.  It is refreshing and there is no harsh sting after use.  I have tried other products, but keep returning to Thayer's.

St. Ives Collagen and Elastin Face Moisturizer-   I found this moisturizer on the internet via WalMart and I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to get.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Light and sheer feeling, it moisturizes and even works well under make up.  Added bonus- you can use this as a body lotion also.

Cetaphil Cream Cleanser- I found this cleanser by accident.  My mom asked me to grab her Cetaphil lotion... Well my moronic brain picked up the cleanser (which just happens to be shelved NEXT to the lotion).  I went to give it to her and realized what I did so I kept it.  I am glad I did.  This gentle cream cleanser breaks down stubborn make up and rinses away easily.  A definite win on my part.

Each one of these products, especially the lip treatment, is a win for the stocking game this season.  Be sure to put them on your list for Santa.

What's on your skin survival list for winter?