Thursday, April 18, 2019

Falling Off The Keto Wagon

In March I fell off the Keto wagon hardcore, BUT I haven't gained anything back that I have lost.  That is a HUGE win in my opinion.  As much as I love Keto, it has been hell trying to get back to it, but alas I will be back to it.

I just have to remember simplicity is key as is following inspiring accounts on Twitter and Instagram.  Facebook offers a wide variety of "support" ( I use that term very lightly) groups.  Just be aware that some people aren't as nice in the delivery of their advice, while some people are so off base they may as well be living on Mars.

If you are thinking of Keto, please watch "The Magic Pill" on Netflix first.  Talk with your doctors and keep track of everything you are eating.  For me, the benefits were immense and the only side affect was the Keto flu for about 12 hours which was cured with bone broth, It Works Keto energy powder, and a nap.

Are you Keto or thinking of going Keto?


  1. I have never done keto before. I did do the atkins diet before.

    1. Keto is along the lines of Atkins. In fact, I use a lot of Atkins products on it. The gym is really what has helped me stay and not gain.