Thursday, September 29, 2016

Things That Drive Me Nuts

I know I can be irritable, especially when it comes to a few pet peeves.

Poor grammar- especially with "their", "there", and "they're".

Engagement ring comments- I have absolutely no idea why a guy saying, "well she better like it cost me a lot of money" or any other comment regarding his lady's ring and price drives me crazy, but it does.  You bought it for her, no one twisted your arm.  If they did, you need to seriously rethink your relationship.

"K" as a text response, and yes I am guilty of this.

Cancelled television shows- I need closure!

Lack of common sense.

Self important people.

Texts after 11 pm.

Remakes of songs and classic movies.

Hipsters with beards.

The non-existent universal sizing of women's clothing.

True match foundations that don't really match.

Archaic dating rules.

Tailgaters- I am not going to go faster dude.

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