Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summertime Syndrome Or Benching?

When I was younger my dad told me that most people like to be single and carefree in the summer... Fall and winter were made for shacking up.  Well maybe not in those exact words, but you catch my drift.  Every summer those words pop back into my head and I find myself believing them more and more as I get older... As if dating wasn't hard enough already.

Let's take into account a current situation someone I know is going through- She met this (seemingly) great guy at a brewery a few months ago.  They texted and talked on the phone and things seemed pretty good.  They hadn't gone out because they are on totally opposite schedules which kind of sucks, but at least he has a job, right?

They went out had a great time.  He came off as super interested and they did date number two.  The night ended great again, however he would eventually pull a "Houdini" and daily texts turned into weekly texts with simple one word answers.  My friend called and asked me what is going on, I was at a complete loss.  All signs had pointed to he was very interested.  I even asked guy friends who said "maybe he got scared, but he has got to be interested because he is still putting forth an effort".

The more time that goes on and now that summer is upon us, I wonder if he has succumbed to "summer syndrome" or something worse... "benching".  He doesn't text her on weekends, only during the week, but all hours.  She says she is ok with it, because she just wants to go out and have fun herself, but I wonder if this is the new age of dating.

Have we allowed ourselves to be fooled into having fun over putting in the effort to date someone we are significantly interested because it is too much work to date?

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