Monday, June 27, 2016

Easy Cook Book Creation

I am constantly printing off new and delicious recipes.  After years of printing recipes and tossing them into an unorganized pile, I decided to create a notebook.

You'll need-

A cute three ring binder (my was Target last summer)
Page dividers (Target)
Plastic protector sleeves (Target)
A sharpie (Target)

I went through my recipe stack and divided them into categories such as:
Red Meat
Dressings/ Condiments

I picked which order I wanted my recipes to be in and filled out the "tabs" with my sharpie.

I took each recipe print out and slid them into the sheet protector.  Two page recipes went front and back for easy viewing.

Voila!  You can add recipes anytime and remove ones you don't like.  I keep it on my counter for an easy meal planning reference.