Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cinderella Syndrome

If you've been around these parts, you know I love a good link up and so this morning when I read Bella's Dating Confessions, I knew I had to link up with her!  One because I too have reached my "ah-ha" moment in single-ness (which I am embracing) much like Bella.

Confession- I have come to realize that I, like many women, suffer from what I like to call "Cinderella Syndrome".  It is a theory I have where I blame fairy tales for the unrealistic idea that there is the perfect "one" aka "Prince Charming" and find yourself refusing dates and advances out of the "settling" fear. There is certainly nothing wrong with being picky, selective and what not.  It becomes an issue when you refuse to get to know people, refuse to allow others to see who you are out of fear of being hurt and having yet another broken heart.  It is time to step away from all of that and just be me and enjoy my life the way it is and if someone comes along, great!  If not, whatever , at least I will have traveled and had meaningful friendships and memories.

Dateless in Dallas

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