Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Summer Essential List

With summer right around the corner there is no better time to share my beach bag's summer essentials

Bag- I am loving this bag!!!!  I just don't think I can convince myself that $65.00 is an acceptable price for a beach bag!  (Do I smell a future tutorial on beach bags?)  

Beach Towels- I am obsessed with this beach towel from Brighton's collection last summer.  I was fortunate enough to receive it as part of a birthday gift last summer.  Beach towels are a staple for sun in the summer lakes, rivers, pools and beaches.  I am currently loving this one

Cute Cup- A cute summer cup is always a must on boat/river days where glass can pose a small problem.  I found a mason jar-esque plastic cup with lid and straw at my local Bed, Bath and Beyond for $7.99 (get one here)  

 Lip Balm- I don't know about you, but my lips get worked over in the summer sun and wind.  I really love Blistex Silk and Shine, plus it has SPF and no weird taste. (Get here)

Sunscreen- I am not the best when it comes to sunscreen and it is really something I am working on.  I love Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration because I can get all those hard to reach places,never feel sticky and it does it's job well! (Get it here)

After Sun Lotion- I stumbled upon Malibu Tan's Hemp Moisturizer a few years back and I still use it.  It has a get tropical smell, helps hold summer color and absorbs without a yucky greasy feeling.  I have only been able to find it in WalMart stores.

I would tell you how I can't wait for summer, but the truth is California has been having above average temperatures.  So basically I have been in a year long summer with exception to a few cold days.  I have already utilized my items this year and can't wait to get more use out of them!

What items are essential for you to have in your beach bag?
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