Friday, August 7, 2015

"No" Said The Handbag

Well I did it... I tried to buy the handbag.

Sadly, the handbag has a broken handle and it didn't feel the need to make an appearance in my life.
It is ok with me.  So much time had gone by since the first time the handbag screamed "take me home" and I guess I wasted time cleaning out the closet to make room.  

Oh well, another handbag could scream out at me and I will be just as happy or happier to take that handbag home.

Here is the thing- you cannot expect people to wait around for you, but they should also respect and understand the reasons why "no" was the answer in the first place and if they moved forward in that time, good for them, if they didn't and are just being an ass, cut them loose.