Friday, July 17, 2015

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Last week I talked about missing the bus on something that I really didn't want to talk about here, but then I realized I don't actually have to tell you what it was and I can turn it into a simile of sorts...

Similes are the ones that are the same but totally different, right?

Moving on...  Anyways, let's pretend missing the bus was on a gorgeous leather Coach handbag.  You keep eyeing it and it keeps saying "buy me, buy me" and you think to yourself, but I will regret buying this handbag, especially at the high price and I don't like it that much.  So you go to Target and find a much cheaper version and think "this will do for now".

But it doesn't.

A few months later, randomly browsing the same Coach handbag jumps out at you again, but this time you are so downtrodden from the Target purchase that you have sworn off all handbags for awhile so you say "no" and walk away.

Then you see someone carrying your Coach handbag and you become slightly jealous, but then you remember you didn't even really like that handbag all that much and it was too much of a risk, so you say "whatever" about it and just let it go.

Again you come across the handbag and you get to walk around the dressing room, trying it out and you revisit the handbag multiple times just hoping it holds the same luster.  You decide it does, you think "YES!  This is it, I can finally have my bag!!!" But then you get scared, what if you built up this bag so much in you brain that you are now afraid to reach out for the ownership of the handbag.  What if the handbag really is a fleeting thought, but you have decided after months of deliberation that the handbag is for you and you feel stuck...  What do you do?   Do you finally get the courage to buy the handbag or do you keep revisiting it until someone else buys the handbag and it is done?

These are hard decisions y'all, like really hard ones to make.