Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Purge

Holy heck it is finally Friday.

Today marks 12 days until my birthday and 5 months and 15 days until Christmas...  Sorry, I had to!

This week has been pretty dang crazy busy at work, which is nice because at times it goes faster... Other times it drags on like it is never ending.  I want to throw all of my projects in the air and yell "Screw this shit, I am out!"  But I need a job and I don't feel like looking for a new one.

I realized on my drive home that people, as a whole, drive like assholes and forget the common rules of the road.  Car parked on your side means you stop and let me pass... If it is on my side, I will stop and allow you to pass.  Trash cans don't count and I ain't stopping.

I found out that the local grocery store's deli has Chinese food on Thursdays and it is quite tasty.   I feel an addiction to their Kung Pao Chicken coming along with some $3 wine.

Mug cheesecake is disgusting if you add too much egg and apparently 1 egg is too much.

Shark week is amazing and I want it to last all month like Hallmark's Christmas in July.

I may have missed the bus on something that I don't feel like discussing here, yet!

It is fun to find old SD cards and think WTF when you see drunken concert photos.

I am glad I don't live in Greece with all of this unstable financial nonsense going on.  Add China as well... Scary stuff.

My Words With Friends AP is a brat and takes FOREVER to load games!  UGH!!!!

Feeding my drama llama isn't as satisfying as it used to be.  Just makes me realize I have one year of my 20's left.

50 degree weather is delightful in July.

I hope everyone loved my week purge and has a great weekend.  I am off to Arizona, please wish me luck!