Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bronde "Tortoiseshell" Hair

Apparently the newest thing is hair color is a trend I found after reading this article about Blake Lively's new hair.  A shade, or rather many, or blonde -brown hair formally referred to as "bronde" is now known as "tortoiseshell".  Basically it is all sorts of hues of blonde and browns mixed together to give a multi dimensional hair color.

Here is the thing- I have had this hair color a lot over the last 15 or so years... Probably my entire life.  While my hair will never look supermodel gorgeous, I know this color isn't all that fun.  It's for those who want a subtle change and for me, when it comes to hair, I am all about the drastic change.  I want to walk out super beachy blonde, beautiful brunette or vivaciously red...  There is no in between for this girl.

So for your enjoyment here are a few photos of the "bronde" I have had over the years...  Some are lighter versions and some darker.

It is a low maintenance hair color and it isn't ugly, but I think renaming hair trends is weird.  When I think tortoiseshell, I don't think "bronde".  I think of actual dye circles created to mimic tortoiseshell Ray Ban frames.

At least now I can refer to myself as a "trendsetter"".