Monday, May 2, 2016

Dating Isn't Dating

I know I have posted about ghosting before and how truly messed up it is. In today's world it isn't any wonder people are totally screwed up when it comes to dating.... It's because people are NOT dating. No, it's become a hook up culture and it totally blows!

A girl can't tell a guy she likes him otherwise she is a clingy, psycho... She acts aloof and she is a bitch. She hooks up she is a slut, she waits and she is a prude. It's absolute madness!

Guys are supposedly simple, maybe they were once upon a time, but with apps like Tinder and Bumble, they have become the rudest, most self involved worst version asswipes ever. They all have commitment issues, or all they date are crazy chicks. Maybe it's because crazy girls are crazy in bed?  At least that is what a few of my guy friends have said. 

We have created a catch 22 in the way of the world... It's all too easy to get a girl and not commit or cheat once you do "commit". I do believe a huge problem is the freedom there is in choice and how easily accessible people have become through social media. It's highly doubtful you will marry a Tinder match, but that doesn't mean a girl doesn't deserve respect. 

Guys, respect her. Remember she is someone's daughter, sister, and niece. Treat her with the same respect you would treat a woman you think the world of. Don't assume she's a whore, don't assume she's a bitch or a prude; take her at face value. Invest time into her the way you would a project or a career, the payback will be so much more. Communicate and say what you are feeling, because she might be feeling the same things you are. And please do not ghost her. Be a man, tell her what is up, don't disappear from her life, make an impression- one she will remember and just try to be good for she most likely has as many assholes in her past as you do baseball cards in a drawer and don't you want to be the Babe Ruth of her dating life?

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