Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dating Disasters Round Two!

Today I have a Guest Post for Lisa over at Showered With Design.  She is off on her honeymoon and was gracious to let me take over.  Head on over there and let me know what y'all think about my taste in music!

And today marks the 2nd "Dating Disasters" link up with Miss Ellie and I!  Who is excited?  Uh... I am!  Grab our button and join us with your horror, funny and whatever else dating stories.  We are dying to read these!

I am loving these "Dating Disaster" link ups- they are really making me dig deep into my brain to remember some times that I have locked away in my memory.

This is not one of those stories!  This is one for the record books and will forever make me cringe.

I had been semi hanging out with/ dating this guy for awhile, so it was nothing new when he wanted to hit up a market night about 45 minutes away.  We had been before and it was all cutesy, so I figured he must think I was really into it and wanted go because it would be something I liked.  The farmer's market was great, we wandered around, ran into people we knew and then it was time to go.

Instead of heading home, he asked if I felt like grabbing a drink then heading home.  I said sure figuring it would be no big deal.  I asked where we were going and he got all sorts of secretive and said "don't worry, it's like my favorite place ever."  I figured it would be a sports bar type place with hot wings and endless kinds of beer...  Boy, was I wrong!

We pulled into a parking lot in a not so safe part of town.  If there were train tracks- it would be the "wrong side of the tracks".  We went in to a little strip mall bar and were immediately carded and sized up.  It was around 9 pm and we were the only ones there.  I nonchalantly hung my brand new Coach purse on the back of my chair and settled in deciding to make the best of it, even though I didn't feel all that great about it.

A drink turned into a couple drinks on his part and I knew to stop drinking so I could drive us home (always happened that way with him).  I started looking around and noticed a few unsavory characters here and there. Before I could really process what was occurring I noticed women soliciting men. Without a thought I grabbed my purse off the back of my chair and clutched it as if my life was dependent on that bag. He noticed and immediately started making fun of me and told me to just relax as it was just a few hookers. I don't know about y'all, but there was no way in hell I was going to relax being surrounded by pimps and hookers and what kind of guy brings a nice girl to a place like this????

To say I was mortified  would be  the understatement of a lifetime!  We weren't there much longer and I will admit that was our last "date"!

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