Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Because I Love You

Oh inanimate objects, how we love thee or we hate to love thee.  Either way- my big wine glasses and beer mugs are at the VERY top of my love list!

Dear Giant Wine Glass and Mugs,

  I want to say I love you.  I love the giant amount of alcohol you enable me to consume without me feeling guilty for over-indulging for I can say I only had one.  No one knows how much liquid volume was in that one and they will never need to know.
  You've been there for celebrations, sadness and just regular Tuesday nights.  Not to mention your uncanny ability to appear at happy hours and family functions.  Yes I love you in your stability and your little surprises.
 With that, I want to make sure you know there are a few things that I have come to need from you- an endless supply of wine or beer to fill you up with, I'd prefer you always be sparkly clean and slightly chilled and PLEASE do not break for I don't know where I will ever find another you!

With love, devotion, wine and beer- K

***Oh don't forget that this Thursday is the 2nd Dating Disaster link up!***


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