Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dear Ex-Girlfriend

Dear Ex-Girlfriend (or whatever you refer to yourself as),

I am not here to call you names.  Instead I want to enlighten you about the irrevocable damage you have done to a man who, without the heartache you caused, would be simply amazing.

Did you ever once think about the heartache you were going to cause him? 

Did you have any thought of the plans the two of you had made? 

Did you secretly just want to be the woman who broke the unbreakable?

Or did you simply just take all you could and leave him for someone who could give you more?

He won’t say it, he is prideful, but I see the brokenness you caused him in his eyes.  He will smile at me, but it is only half-hearted.  I will catch him looking at me and I see the fear that I am hiding something make him go pale and in some cases clammy. 

What you have done has created a man who is now distrustful of women.  As if we are all going to take away everything he has left and crush it. 

I won’t blame you fully, he has issues of his own.  The first being that he never saw you for what you are.  I am sure you were great in the beginning, but what you have done to him isn’t something a woman should ever do.  He allowed it and still does.  

He sits in loneliness, too afraid to give his heart to anyone to nurture, heal and protect.  He keeps it to himself, because he believes only he has the power to save himself.

I hope you understand that I am partially grateful to you for letting him go, he wouldn’t have been in my life otherwise.  However, there will never be words of gratitude for the explosion of his heart that I try so desperately to put back together.

I hope you often reflect on the love of a man that you demolished with your wrecking ball and regret it.

-The girl who shouldn’t have to pay for your mistakes.