Sunday, December 13, 2015

People Change But Not Always

I didn't sit down to blog with this post in mind, but it is something that has been nagging me.  I have reconnected with a few people over the last month and I have to admit some have been good, some have been like no time has gone by and some have left me realizing why so much time has gone by.

I like to think that I am genuine person 99% of the time.  No one is 100% genuine, it's just not possible.  However, I have come to swallow the hard pill that is reality and that reality is that fake people will always be fake.  They will pretend to be your friend and just as soon stab you in the back.
It doesn't really hurt after the first "betrayal", a person learns and I am not that soft-hearted.

The sad part is that the world is full of people who will lie to your face to make themselves feel better about the choices they have made in their lives.  They will hide from your honesty, because they see it as judgement.

I am not here to judge, but when I care, I care deeply and I never want to see those I care about get hurt.  There are people in my life that consistently make bad decisions and I have always offered support, but how does a person continue to help those who refuse to help themselves?

Those are the moments I find myself fake and sometimes I regret it, but the truth is I would rather have one honest and genuine person in my life than 10 that don't know the consequences of falsely caring.