Saturday, December 19, 2015

Last Minute Gift Ideas

It's a Saturday and I am blogging REALLY quickly, because this week has been a little too insane trying to get ready for Christmas and company.

I just wanted to give you a few great last minute gift ideas, because as awful as this is, I am the QUEEN of last minute.  I am not proud, but I figure someone has to wear the badge with honor.

A bottle of wine or liquor- Let's face it, this gift is awesome for anyone over 21 and perfect for white elephant exchanges as well as a go to host/hostess gift.  Throw a bow on it and hand it out.

Gift card- I love gift cards, although if I don't know the person that well this can be tricky.  DO they like Chili's or Barnes and Noble more?  I always go with the restaurant gift card because hello, it's food.

Money- No one will ever say no to money.  Personally I feel like cold hard cash can be a bit frigid and points to the fact that you totally forgot a gift and only had time to go to the ATM.

Gift baskets- These are great and can be put together rather quickly after a quick jaunt to the store.  You can do a coffee one full of flavored creamers or coffee, candy or even a movie one.

Hope these help y'all out.  I am off to wrap more gifts with my friend wine!