Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tinder- What Have I Done?!

After much deliberation and lack of inspiration for the blog, I decided to try tinder again...

I am not happy about it, but I am also not embarrassed.  More or less frustrated.  I like to run these so called social experiences every once in awhile to see how bat shit crazy some guys are.  This go 'round I have not been disappointed in the crazy department.  It took all of  48 hours and a few random messages back and forth for the first crazy to appear.

First off, I don't give out my phone number and never more information than a standard area of where I live, I am silent about what I do besides blogging and I even warn most that their stories (sans identification) could end up here.  I am all about full disclosure when referring to the world wide blog, but I also refuse to tell them where I blog.  I like privacy, which seems weird if I am subjecting myself to online dating, or connecting.  That isn't the point of this post, sorry.

So let's call Mr. Crazy Face John.  John seemed normal and nice enough.  We went back and forth with banter, discussed our educations, and possibility of meeting up (yes actually meeting... eeek!  Don't worry I would have left every clue possible in case he was a serial killer).  Just yesterday we were chatting about cars and trucks and that sort of nonsense when I got busy doing stuff with my family who lives next door.  I started getting the "where are you?', "why are you avoiding me?" "I guess you are done" messages and I was like "woah bro, chill out, just hanging out with my family."  I explained that I am VERY close with my family and we all live next door to each other.  He went nuts.

Not just nuts, but fucking bat shit crazy....

John-"So I can't even come see you without the whole white trash clan judging me, and ultimately deciding that they hate me for some made up reason so that they can continue to control you..."

Me- " Yeah we are not white trash nor are we hill billies and honestly they don't control me, I enjoy spending time with them, but I am also an adult who can make my own decisions and I don't feel the need to explain myself or those decisions to you or anyone."

John- "Eh, I think I'm done.  White trash or not, that's weird as shit and the kind of situation where your family would dictate our lives. Prob why you're single.  Good luck though!"

Me- "Uh ok."

That was the end...  The real issue as to why this is so insane to me is because this guy already had a hypothetical "us" in his brain after talking sporadically for 48 hours.  Some people might find that sweet, I find it creepy.

He couldn't even be nice about it.  He chose to name call and judge the reasons why I am single.

The real reason why I am single is because I choose to be.  I could date an asshole, lord knows I have plenty of them in my past.  I could date a nice guy, but I am not looking for a ring or running down the aisle anytime soon.  I had previously found the one that I thought was my lobster, but I was wrong.  The thing is I can date whoever, but I still choose to be single with no bearing on family or friends.

Besides pizza, beer, Netflix and yoga pants are my Saturday night dates.