Sunday, October 20, 2013

Laugh, Love and Live (a lesson from my parents)

Last night I had the privilege of staying up WAY later than I anticipated chatting and drinking with my parents. It was awesome to spend quality time with them, but even better to hear about how they met, said I love you and all sorts of crazy stories amongst those times. My dad made a comment which touched me more than their stories, "we had fun. We laughed. We thoroughly enjoyed each other." To which my mom added, "we didn't care about parties or groups of people because we had fun together."

These two statements touched my heart and got me thinking... Why do we let go of things that make us happy and can take away stresses of life?
Is it influenced by the people we surround ourselves with?
The fear of finding a new love, who could potentially remove all past hurts?
Do we trick ourselves into believing we don't deserve to be happy?
Why do we run away from things that are divinely correct?
I think in most cases peeps are just downright scared. If you find someone that you have an amazing connection to, where you laugh, find yourself at ease and all you really need is each other, you shouldn't let that go until those feelings are gone.
We all deserve to be happy, to love and be loved and most importantly, to live with laughter.
Sappy as it is, I truly believe laughter is one of the best connections a couple can have with one another.