Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Date The Gentleman

I never really considered that every girl should date a gentleman at some point.  I fell into a trap of thinking all guys have a grotesque and childish side they tend to show more of than any other side they posses.  I blame it on consistently being one of the few females, not girlfriends, in a group of guys.  It twisted my perspective considerably.  While that side of guys is true, there really are guys that are out there that will treat you like a lady and here is how-

1. Pick Up The Check- This is a HUGE debate.  I will honestly say that I have picked up the check on first dates for dinner, while he paid for other parts of the date.  The reason for me doing this is because I want an equal partnership.  That being said, if he is in fact a gentleman, there will be a huge stink thrown over you paying.  I tend to test waters but reaching for the check... If he is all for me paying, "saynora" sucker!

2. Open Doors (including car doors)- This is one of the oldest, most chivalrous things in the book.  He will open doors for you and walk to your side of the car to open the door for you to get in.  He will do this to be polite and it is defnitely added bonus points.

3. Affectionate-  He will want the world to now you are with him.  He will do this with an arm around you, grabbing your hand or lightly placing his hand on the small of your back as he walks behind you.  It will be light forehead kisses or a simple cuddle.

4. Being Respectful- There will be no pushing ro guilt.  He will accept your decisions and respect them and you.  These are not decisions regarding sex, but all avenues of your life.

5. Getting To Know You- He will have a genuine interest in getting to know you and ask you questions about your life.  He will remember the things you tell him and he will be sure to let you know he remembers the things you have said.

6. Planning Ahead- He will be sure to have a plan set for your date, he will pay attention to detail and be sure the date reflects a little part of both of you.

7. Initiating- He will initiate dates, plans and will share his feelings with you.  These things may make him nervous, but he should take great pride in asking you out and taking you out.

Looking back, the few that were true gentlemen are harder to let go of.  A girl will always compare the jerks to the guys who treated her well.  Every girl deserves to be treated well and in turn should treat others well.  Any man can be a gentleman, it takes the right girl to pull him out of his shell.

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