Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blog Life Take Over

Today I am taking over the Instagram account for @thebloglife101 so I figured it was time to give you another random and quirky list of the things that make me as fun, sparkly, sarcastic and bubbly as I am.

I don't have more than two matching coffee mugs.

I can't get enough trashy Regal era romance novels... The trashier, the better.

I like the smell of gasoline when I get gas.

I like sitting and waiting for the first star to appear.

Cheese ball Hallmark movies are my guilty pleasure in December.

I like to take pieces of paper and practice my signature/ make up quotes/ random notes for new blog posts.

I get teary eyed during country music.

Vacation planning is a hobby.

I love making random lists- places to go, places I have been, things to buy, creative projects.

Doing my nails is a stress reliever.

Shining my up my boots is a good Sunday for me.

I am addicted to Pinterest and constantly pinning things I will never complete.

I will never stop wishing on shooting stars.

I have an affinity for 1990's Gangsta Rap- Snoooop Doggg!

I am still not comfortable wearing lipstick.

Witnessing the beauty of nature is something you will never be able to buy.

Visit me on Instgram today!  I promise it will be fun!

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