Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A little advice from a guy....

In recent years I have become the go to girl about all issues for my friends. I love that they trust me enough to share their darkest fears and issues without judgement. In recent months, a great friend of mine (who recently became single) has been coming to me with questions about dating and not coming off as a crazy person to the guy(s) she is interested in. As much as I love helping and giving advice, I felt like this was one area I needed a guy's opinion on. My guest blogger this week is Trevor, a totally awesome friend of mine. Here is what he has to say on how to make the guy you are interested in/ dating part of your everyday life:

If you would like to get to know someone, just do it. Ask random questions. Ask serious questions. People love to share their opinions and thoughts. Why not give them a podium to do so? Ask what interests them. Talk about what interests you both. Be funny, charming, intelligent, and genuine. With so many avenues of communication available its a breeze getting close to someone you are interested in and getting a feel if they are interested or not. Just don't EVER go overboard with being insecure and text smothering when someone you are interested in doesn't text back. I cannot stress how awful that is.

So bascially, in today's world, with all of these gadgets we have at our disposal, be interesting and charming just NEVER over do it.  Needy is not attractive, being yourself is!