Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dating Disasters- Tinder Edition

I have always had a negative opinion about online dating. I hate that technology is the way we communicate with one another (hypocritical as a blogger, I know). I have always believed if you're meant to have someone in your life sooner or later you cross paths. For instance, I dated a guy with friends in common and on date number one we connected all of the times we had been at the same concerts, parties, bars, etc which clearly proved we were meant to meet.

With the new rise of iPhone addiction of course a dating ap just for iPhones would appear...  Tinder. It is just for iPhones, right?  Regardless of what phone it's on, I was leery. Heck I still am. It's like a chat room and not in a good way. Miss Ellie convinced me that I should try it out and see what may or may not happen. So I signed up.....  Strictly for me to report back to y'all on the insanity and asinine men I have encountered. 

I have to admit I am not impressed nor am I pleased. Tinder is today's modern way of hooking up. A swipe right means I may have a chance if you also swipe right. A swap left and I will never see you again.  There are bios, but let's face it- no one reads that. They look at pictures and choose which way to swipe. It's lazy, lame and I promptly deleted it. I can see where this might been fun on a drunken night, but I don't think you can actually meet and settle down with a guy you met on Tinder. 

What I did notice are plenty of men with wedding rings on. This tells me they are married or were married and are separated/divorced and have too much baggage. 

Kids are their kids, not nieces and nephews. Do not be fooled. 

Group shots tend to confuse a girl and she may swipe right only to find out they guy is the midget stripper in the corner. 

Heights- 5'7" is really 5'4". Always deduct three inches. Men have this awkward tendency to embellish heights. "Yo Bro! If we meet up, I will really know your height!" 

Travel pictures are more exciting than the men in them as most of the time it was a European vacation with their mom. 

Guys with chicks in the pics- RUN AWAY IMMEDIATELY!  He either boned her, wanted to bone her or is currently in a relationship with her and she has no clue he is on Tinder.
Uh, sure you were buddy!

 All in all, I don't really recommend Tinder for anything other than entertainment.  As a woman in today's world I don't appreciate the "what are you looking for, to makeout?"  You may think you are funny, but really you are just annoying.  I will stick to everyday encounters as it was a bad decision to open the Tinder ap, a very bad decision.

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