Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Little Emo Girl

Oh look it's Wednesday, which means it's confession time with Miss Bella!

This week was crappy, but you know what?  I am over my bad attitude.  I have to be, I don't like being sad or angry.  It's just not my style, which can be hard because I tend to be a tad bit emotional.

The first time we were evacuated due to a forest fire I cried and cried and cried because what if I never got to come back to my house?

I cry at the end of "The Way We Were" every single time.  Bab's saying "Your girl is lovely, Hubell" gets me every time!

The Beatles song "Yesterday", yep those flood gates open up.

Helpless animals- Sarah McLaughlin and her stupid ASPCA commercials.

People with American pride.

Photos of people dealing with crisis.  Be it cancer or the genocide of the Middle East, I will be teary eyed.

It could be the smallest thing to someone else, but to me it will touch my heart and emotions and tears will come.  I can honestly say I haven't cried from joy, but I have cried from laughing.  I don't think it's a bad thing to be overly emotional I just blame my astrological sign.  Caners are moody and reliant upon tides and the moon.

How do you deal when you are overly emotional?

** One last thing- if you are interested in helping out a dear friend with cancer please visit this Facebook page that will be holding an auction next Monday, September 22.  Jen is an amazing woman, mother and friend.  This auction is to help her with the financial burden of cancer.  If you can help and want to bid, please do.  Cancer affects each of us, whether personally or a friend or family member.**


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