Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday's Favorites!

It seems like forever since I have done a post about my favorites things, so here we go!

Great Wavelengths Dress in Olive- This dress is amazing y'all.  It seems very unshapely without the included belt, but once you cinch the belt this dress in a no brainier for every occasion.  Yes, EVERY. SINGLE. OCCASION!  Pair it with wedges if you're still clinging to summer, cowboy boots for some twang or leggings, riding boots and a cardigan for fall.  It's amazing, I tell you.  Not to mention Ebates is currently giving 2.5% cash back at

Chevron Painted Pumpkins-  I found these beauties on Pinterest and was taken to My Sweet Savannah blog where I found step by step instructions on painting these bad boys.  After I picked up "pie" pumpkins (these are smaller in size and normally have a pie recipe sticker on them) I grabbed some gold and some glitter gold spray paint at my local craft store.  This weekend I will be busting out paint tape and newspaper and getting down with gold and glitter pumpkins!

Poshmark Deals-  So I have to admit I am overly obsessed with Poshmark and I am so glad I am!  I recently purchased this passport wallet which is Coach for $30 with $3.99 shipping.  It's a great deal!  The sellers and buyers are the sweetest people and most are open to negotiations!  I have already made $151.00 in the year and half I have been selling on Posh.  Come check it out here!

Fall Centerpieces-  I put my fall decor centerpiece together last night.  This was SO easy!  I happened to have the three tea light vases and picked up some glitter leaves and stuffed and fluffed them and placed small white pumpkins where the tea lights would normally sit.  I am not much of a candle burner so this was the perfect solution.  This is my dining room table but I do believe the vases will find their home on my mantle.

Favorite picture of the week- I got a sweet little visitor at work yesterday so of course we had to take a selfie.                                

My favorite quote this week- This holds more truth than people really know.  Nothing is unattainable, you just have to take that leap of faith and see if you have your wings to allow you to fly.

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