Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dating Disasters Link Up #1

Welcome to the very first "Dating Disasters" link up with Miss Ellie and I! I cannot wait to hear your dating disasters stories and to share my own with y'all. This is a monthly link-up so remember to mark your calendars for the third Thursday of every month to come back here and join us!
Third Thursday
Everyone's always nervous on a first date. It's the laws of science and nature or something. I've always been a pretty mellow girl when it comes to first dates, other than the fear that the guy I'm going out with will kidnap me and/ or murder me (blame my parents and their true crime tv).

I met this guy through friends so I wasn't really scared about any of that. Looking back (it's been a few years) I can't remember if we hung out a few times or only once before he asked me out. It was all sorts of cute and nerves rolled into one. After several back and forth MySpace (that's how long ago this was) messages we decided on him picking me up and heading for Chinese food about a half hour away.

When date night came, he was early, came in and met my parents and we were on our way. We had decided on a Chinese restaurant off of a main freeway but it was near an airport. Needless to say he didn't look up directions before hand and was paranoid about missing the reservation time (bonus points for the reservation) and we got lost.  Not your normal, "Oh it's two blocks down" lost, but more of the "where in the hell are we, my GPS doesn't even know!" kinda lost.  We literally drove around aimlessly looking for a street that didn't exist.  After several circles around, he jumped the curb into the parking lot. and we were finally parked.

I could sense his nerves as we walked into the restaurant but tried to make him feel more at ease.  I didn't realize at the time that I was making things much worse.  Of course the place was empty which mean the host was rude about the reservation stating we didn't need one.  We were seated right smack dab in the middle of the place with countless birthday parties surrounding us.  It seemed like everytime we tried to talk, the staff would bust out in another chorus of "happy birthday".  It was maddening.  The waiter came to take our order, I ordered white wine which apparently was disgusting to him as he slightly berated me saying something about how it was rude to drink on a first date....  Ooops my bad, it's not like we met at a bar or anything (for the record, we did meet at a bar).

Things went from bad to worse from there- he ordered for me like I was two years old and told the waiter we were fine every time I wanted  a refill on my water.  I don't know about y'all, but refills are my number one pet peeve.  I must have have water, it doesn't matter how many glasses of wine I have, water is a staple.  At one point I asked how his day went, he looked me straight in the eye and said "don't ask questions you aren't prepared to have answered."  Um, ok?  Again so weird!

I don't recall much more from the date other than the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and the desperation to make it home.  We literally had a silent dinner, unless he was criticizing my drinking habits, which at the time were one glass of wine and done.  I cringe thinking back on the fact that I allowed my self to go out with him a few more times and how things just went from bad to worse.  I still cannot fathom how I was able to just let it roll off of my shoulders.  I guess I am more opinionated now, where before I was meek as I was shocked to be out on dates.

Have you ever had a literally silent date?

Third Thursday

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