Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#9to5totalsocial Confessions

It's Wednesday again y'all and normally that means a round of confessions with Miss Bella, but this week I am linking it on up with Sarah and Helene for the June Total Social, which is good because I confess I didn't really have much in the way of confessions for this week. This month it's all about my life 9-5.

My 9 to 5 job is really an 8 to 5 because I get a grand old hour lunch break and you had better believe I scoot and skedaddle (bet you didn't know how to spell that out, now you do) out of the office when that occurs!

I work for a water agency in my small town, I have been here seven years... It is the longest commitment I have ever made to anything other than the required grades kindergarten through 12th grade for that pesky diploma. I do all sorts of things from staring down insane customers to writing huge dollar amount checks to filing and answering the phone.

It isn't a social position by any means, but let me say this- there is never ever a dull moment in the water business. I have witnessed several void attempts at lawsuits, screaming and crying customers who neglect paying utilities on time, parking lot accidents, lightning striking my building because I am surrounded by windows, I get to see the four season change outside and lots of wildlife (hello bears, coyotes, bob cats and squirrels).

A typical day (if there is such a thing) goes a little like this:
-Get to work and immediately start checking emails.
- Pick a project to work: filing, purchase orders, task orders, AP
-Apply daily payments
-Finish deposits
-Finish up project from earlier in the day and/or start new a new task

In between all of that I answer phone calls, answer and address customer questions and complaints, compose customer correspondence and so on.  We have a lock off day monthly and I used to dread dealing with the people who would get locked off for non payment.  Now that I am a little seasoned, I am able to find humor in some of the freak outs.  On those days I definitely partake in wine or beer when I get home.

I really try hard to get my blogging done after work or early in the mornings and get them scheduled for the week.  Lately I have been hitting up the blogside on Sundays and doing all posts and scheduling them out.  It can get a little crazy and I can feel like I am running out of material, but I heart blogging!

All in all, I love my job and I am pretty lucky to work 7 minutes from home, most especially in the snowy months!

In between all of that I am a Cookie Lee consultant although I have really flaked on that, but it is ok, because I can pick it up whenever I want.  If you want jewelry you know where to find me.

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