Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Back To The Closet With You

Remember the handbag that I wrote about here and here?

Well it turns out that the handbag didn't just disappear from my life.  We went our separate ways and the handbag went home with someone else for awhile and then popped back into my life and I still really wanted to see how good it would look in my closet so I semi tried it out.

Wouldn't you know it, the handbag really matches all of my outfits and most of my shoes (except those 5" wedges) and I got really excited that maybe it meant I could keep it around for a while to see what other things it looked good with.  I wasn't over the top ecstatic, but I was really excited to see where things might be headed.
Then the handbag went to the bar and some clown spilled vodka all over it.  Feeling bad for itself and not wanting to get polished up, the handbag completely changed it's tune and decided to return to the dark, cob web filled dungeon of a closet where it never really has to see the light of day.

Maybe I didn't take enough care in the few times I had with the handbag?

Maybe the handbag will come back out, which I hope it does do.

This can't be the end of the handbag and myself.  It would look so perfect out and about and would allow for me to be myself.  I shouldn't feel guilty for holding out hope that the handbag does come back, because I am getting aggravated shopping when I already have an idea of what is perfect for me.