Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pledge America- January Update

As the month is coming to a quick close I wanted to update all of you with my Pledge for America update.  I actually haven't made any big purchases this month or small ones either, with exception to my fabulous Maven box that came in as well as a few extras I ordered on the side.  I am pretty sure y'all know by now how much I adore the Julep brand for nail polish (I have yet to try any of their cosmetics).
Here is my review of my January Maven "It Girl" box-

Meet "Hope"- a satin finish opaque white.

Meet "Annemarie"- a semi opaque tan/nude color.  Think medium colored liquid foundation.

Meet "Farrah"- a satin finish, metallic lavender that is simply stunning.

Here is the look I created with my "It Girl" box.
I started with my Sally Hansen Triple Strong Advanced Gel Nail Fortifier (which you can get here.)
I did two coats of "Farrah" and my accent nail is two coats of "Annemarie".  
I took the pointy end of an orange stick and dotted "Hope" on top of the "Annemarie" on my accent nail.  I waited about 5 minutes before finishing with a top coat of the Sally Hansen.

The great thing about Julep is that it dries quickly, even their dark colors.  It is definitely worth it!

And because I love you all SO much here is the sunset view from last night.  It was beyond beautiful.  Just a reminder how fortunate we are for the beauty and tranquility of nature and how insignificant bad days are!

 photo 1.jpg
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