Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pledge for America

Does anyone remember ABC's World News doing the special on "Made in America"? It was quite fascinating to see the economic impact of each American pledging to purchase at least two items a month that were made here in the good old USA.

I had actually forgotten about the program until I had an Instagram chat with friend who said he was committed to buying strictly American made with exception to a few things. This conversation reminded me of my grand scheme of purchasing strictly American and blogging about it a couple years ago. I wasn't entirely sure about the whole blog world at the time so it turned into a pipe dream, but now that I've got this little blog here I'm committed to trying this out.

Perhaps this is considered a New Years resolution or maybe it's just high time we make smarter choices to help out our fellow Americans and our country. I was shocked that most products I use daily in my shower are in fact "Made in the USA".  (The Body Shop products are UK made and distributed by the the USA.)

I'm not going strictly USA as I know there are items that I just have to have, but if I commit to purchasing at least two USA products a month that will be two more products for American workers to go to work and manufacture each day.

Here are some of my daily cosmetic items that are made in the USA-
Julep nail colors
Redken shampoo and conditioner
John Frieda products
FX Hair Products
Barbasol shaving cream
Laura Mercier

I also googled the term "Made in America" and found that has a section for these items in particular.  I also came across the Diane Sawyer article, you can read it here as well as the made in America movement and the Made in America Store.  With all of these resources and me being an avid online shopper, I believe I will have success in helping the economic growth for our great nation.  In addition the ABC article supplies the reader with a list of American Made companies that you can read here.