Friday, January 3, 2014

The Hair Years

Let's just say this... I was blessed with pretty damn amazing hair.  It is one of my best attributes besides my charming disposition.

It all started way back in the 80's...

Then there was the 90's....

We are going to go ahead and skip through the 90's, awkward perms, the Aniston cut of junior high and go straight to this picture...  This is what my hair was like through out high school (1999) and into 2007.  (What?!? I don't really like change!) 

Then I went angular for a the remainder of 2007.

Heartbreak + Red Dye = Amazing hair for the latter part of 2008.

When summer rolled around in 2009, I just had to have blonde... 

We will also skip 2010, because as anyone with short hair knows, if you don't want to grow it out you just keep hacking away.  No I never had a really "butch" cut, but it got pretty disastrously short.

2011- brown dye to get rid of the red and the start of growth.

I was finally able to curl it after years!

By 2012 I was back to being blonde, aka my old self as in 1999-2007 Krista.

2012-13 I said Sayonara to blondie and went back to brunette.   
Let it be known, blondes aren't the only ones having fun! 

Clearly you all know how amazing my hair is now.  That being said, it is 2014 and I have to decide- "New Year and New Hair" or just simply a "New Year".  

I have had so much fun with my hair and hope I continue to do so.  As grueling as growing it out can be, I am thinking it may be time to lob it off, donate in the honor and memory of a sweet friend and head back to my blonde days...

But only time and a hair appointment will tell as there may potentially be some ombre in my future.

Yet truthfully, why F up a good thing, such as my hair!