Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dumb Shit I Do While Drinking...

So it should be no surprise to any of you that I like to party... And if that is a shock, this either your first time here or you haven't been paying close enough attention.  Anyway, back to post- I like to party in the sense that I like to drink (no not every day although a breakfast beer or mimosa would be glorious)!

But back to my post, jeez!  I really must have a bout of ADD today or something.

When I drink, I have a tendency to kind of, sort of do dumb shit.  
No, not illegal shit, just dumb shit.

Sometimes I hurt myself.. Oh hey there broke as hell ankle of 2008.

Sometimes I take "selfies" of myself and my drinks.

Sometimes I become a world class photographer... (What is the "focus" button nonsense and why should I use that?!? Oh look randoms!)

Sometimes I make random friends.

Sometimes I take pictures of my drinks.

Sometimes I don't think I am as drunk as I really am.  I will forever consider myself a 7 on the drunk scale.

Sometimes I drunk text...
Me: "But I think you should REALLY come home out, it's so much fun!" 
Other person: "It's 7pm on a Saturday, no one cool is there and you are clearly drunk!"

Sometimes I help myself to other people's booze.  Strictly in homes, not in a bar or with strangers, because eww gross!

 Sometimes I invite random people on vacation.
Me: "I wanna go to Canada!"
Random: "Uh me too!  Let's do this!"
Next day- "You know you invited so and so to Canada?"
Me: "Ya, I don't think we're going, but I am still going to Canada."

Sometimes I get really loud and obnoxious.

Sometimes I talk mad shit, like bad.  I will say this, I have never been a bar fight due to my drinking tendencies and my mouth overrunning my ass.

Hey this girl just likes to have fun!