Sunday, January 12, 2014

365 Project

On January 1st, I joined with thousands of other Instagram junkies on the 365 Project. The idea is simple, take at least one picture of something each day and hashtag the 365 Project (#365project).

This project is great because it is keeping me on track with my goals from the year. (Which you can see in the pictures below.) It is also allowing me to have more pictures for my posts because I know you all love pictures more than you love reading my little blog.

In the coming year, I'm planning to expand my blog, refine my photography skills, execute a few career classes, travel more, payoff some debt and mostly get in tune with my inner fashionista. It's my life, I'm in control and I'm the only one who can achieve my own happiness.

First photo of 2014- Starting out the 365 Project

Lunching on the deck at my local Mexican place- Gotta love SoCal.

My list of goals for 2014- Supplied via Lauren Conrad.

Perfect combo for a restless mind.

Lumberjack flannels and feminine nails- perfect Saturday night.

Spending more time with little ones puts a smile on my face.