Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Charming Leading Lady

Hallmark movies always seem to pull ladies into all day marathons and filling up the DVR, especially at Christmas time.  There is guaranteed laughter, maybe a few tears and of course, the endless possibility of romance blooming.  Secretly we all wish we could hop into a Hallmark life, but sadly there are a few realities I have come across...  First being, how would I afford to live out the lifestyle of a Hallmark leading lady?  They seem to never work, have a cute yet expensive little zippy car, and their housing is out of this world.

Regardless of the weather conditions outside, the main girls is always wearing shoes that are not weather appropriate.  Heels in the middle of a snow storm?  Been there, done that and guess what?  I feel on my ass and it hurt, like really bad.  Where are the snow boots?  Why does it always have to snow?  I might add, most of the characters seem to be accident prone.. Maybe it is their stylish yet not functional footwear?

These ladies are always perfectly done up leading you to believe they wake up flawlessly.  Hi, I am going to need about 18 layers of goopy make up to look that flawless and it still isn't guaranteed.  Maybe I can walk around with a permanent Snap filter that smooths and minimizes everything...

Have you ever noticed how there is always some emotionally scarring thing that has occurred to the leading lady and it in turn makes her despise Christmas and the all joy it brings?  In one, the leading lady is a widow, another has her left at the altar... The list goes on and on and on.  Why do the writers continue to make it all about loss, can't a girl love Christmas, love snow and still find love?  Let's not forget that some of these women are about as exciting as a wet mop while the others are sparkling with charm.

Obviously, Hallmark knows how to get into the psyche and have a lady lounge waste her day away and get sucked into fairy tale after fairy tale.  The problem is that these also create a Cinderella Syndrome in their viewers.  From time to time, I have found myself wrapped up in it and it takes a good week to shake it.  Heck it is how I ended up on Match a few times.  In a roundabout way, my point is that these are just movies and sometimes we have to remember we are our own charming leading ladies and we need to take charge of our own lives.

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