Monday, January 2, 2017

Cheers To Lessons Of 2016

 2016 was a wild ride and honestly wasn't awful to me, but none the less I am excited to see what the future brings.   Life lessons come every year and in every shape and form.

Your taste in EVERYTHING will change.  Coors Light will now taste like water and those taste buds will want something hoppier.  Those white capris may stick around but you have refined the way you wear them, you will trade reefs in for wedges.  Trading in white wine for a Merlot or zinfandel  Even your taste in men will change: preppy to rebel-rouser to backwoods boy to dad jeans, to crew cut.  It will ever evolve until you settle down.

You will see the importance of doctor and dentist appointments.  You won't wait so long to go in when you are sick, because who really wants to use sick time for actual illness?  You will want those teeth cleaned so your whitening products work better and for overall health.  You may even start wearing your dreaded retainer again as you see those pearly whites shifting. 

You learn that not everything is all about the bar.  Your early twenties are all about getting to the bar, getting shit faced, looking for an after party and stumbling home toward dawn.  As time goes on, you trade that in for happy hours and weekly meet ups with you home and in bed by midnight.  This isn't old, this is mature.  Obviously there will still be those times you cut loose- holidays, birthdays, vacations.

You start paying your debt off and get sick to your stomach to think how badly you got yourself into the hole.  You start reading articles by Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey in hopes of someday owning a home.

Your friends start getting married and having kids and you wonder why as there is still so much world to see and travel.  For some this goes away, but for others like me, you will continue to play favorite auntie and be a bridesmaids/ wedding planners in between work/school and travel.

You realize that age is only a number and even though you are semi-grown up, you long for the days in high school when an after school job was just for extra cash for football games and the movies.

I plan on embracing the changes, laughter, love, and everything else life will throw at me in the coming year.  Cheers!