Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I Am Officially A Blater

I FINALLY had a blate with Juilette!  It has only taken five months and one reschedule to get it done.

I won't lie I was SUPER nervous- which may seem weird, but in reality, I really wanted her to like me and want to be friends...

Can you smell my desperation?

We met at one of the best Mexican restaurants on the mountain where "one and done" margaritas flow and there are delicious fish tacos and guacamole.  I think I suggested a pretty awesome place for our first little hang out.

The questions were totally normal-

J- "So wait are your Krista or Kristie?"
K- "Well I know it's weird but I go by both.. I guess I should clarify that..."

K-"So wait your family doesn't know you drink?"
J- "Well no, not really... I mean my parents don't drink."

Of course we both had to go buy $3.00 bottles of wine, which I must admit was really the highlight of it... Wandering through the grocery store with two bottles of wine and coffee creamer... #twentysomethingproblems.

It is really awesome having a fellow blogger live so close, especially living in a rural mountain community... I mean what are the odds of that happening?

I just can't wait to hang out again!