Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Recap!

Easter weekend has ended which means my next "official" work holiday isn't until Memorial Day... This is depressing to me, but not as depressing as realizing how fast time is actually flying by... It is is straight up ridiculous.

Good Friday had me off of work at 12:30 pm and I headed straight for a pedicure.  This should have been a quick yet zen-full experience.  It was not.  It took about 3 hours between the waiting, the soaking and being done.  I wasn't angry, but I wasn't over joyed either.  At least I can look at my pretty toes and know the effort that went into getting them so pretty.  The rest of Friday was filled with old school Nintendo system, family time, wine, and snack foods.  I am telling you, we know how to party!

Saturday we celebrated Easter a day early.  It was pretty calm and mellow.  It was nice having a stress free celebration filled with family , friends and delicious food.  We celebrated at my house which meant I pretty much cleaned up.  I don't know about y'all, but I am a little crazy about cleaning in my own kitchen.  I like loading my dishwasher and hand washing my pans and putting leftovers away in my refrigerator so I know where everything is... Control freak, party of one!

Sunday was full of relaxing and light cleaning.  I threw out tons of old magazines and papers that have been piling up..  The baby sister came over, we ordered pizza, drank beer, played more video games (I sound like a total dude right now) and finished out the night with the HBO series "The Jinx".  I am hooked and plan on finishing the last three episodes tonight.  It's all about Robert Durst and the three murders he has been believed to be involved in over the course of thirty years... Creepy!

Oh and I also created this shirt over the weekend.  It is the perfect brunch tee for those hungover mornings.  Slightly disheveled, slightly chic.  You can buy it here!  

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