Friday, April 10, 2015

I Swear I'm Not A Failure

Sometimes in life things happen that make you wonder how you have made it this far.  I have these moments quite a bit.  Sometimes I even get the look from my dad that says "I am surprised you can breathe".

Here are a few life fails that have occurred recently-

Over broiling macaroons, to the point of flames and smoke alarms.

Knowing the toilet paper stock is low and continuously forgetting to buy more.

Losing an entire bottle of whiskey.

Cancelling long distance, only to try to place a long distance call.

Not throwing out old cosmetics.

Spilling red wine on light carpet.

Forgetting to ebates.

Ripping your pants while climbing into a truck (I have done this like 5 times).

Tripping on air.

Applying sunscreen and still getting sun-burnt.

Having a blog and being a really crappy blogger (Sorry guys!  I am trying!).

Losing coupons.

Smudging fresh nail polish.

Using a cute planner then forgetting it 99% of the time.

I know some of these things are everyday life occurrences, but I really got to get my shit together here.