Monday, April 13, 2015

Dierks, Beer and Laughlin

By now y'all know I will do just about anything and go just about anywhere to see Dierks (my country music boyfriend) in concert so when I heard he was playing in my beloved Laughlin I bought IMMEDIATELY.

I headed out to Laughlin Friday night and was asleep by 11 pm... I am a hardcore party animal.

Saturday night I headed to see Dierks Bentley with Logan Mize.  I drank a tall boy out of a paper bag, consumed about 7 more beers, followed by drunken grilled cheese eating.

Seriously though, Dierks is amazing in concert.  I love him more every time I see him.  Although the show wasn't as long as others I have been to, I was just super excited to see him and not have to Attend Stagecoach or pay Stagecoach prices.

Yes Dierks, I hold on...

In other news, I still hate my post office and I hope they finally deliver my wonderful weekend tee so y'all can see it, love it and maybe even buy it!

Hope everyone has a happy Monday.

Bella And The City