Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was another quick trip to Laughlin for a country concert with my parents and sister, which had me out the door and on the road by 3 pm Friday.  Traffic wasn't too bad and we made pretty good time.

After checking in, we hit the slot machines where I somehow managed to win close to $500!  Heck to the yes.  We headed to the Saltgrass (the usual) for some delicious steaks and Lonestar beer.  We got our "favorite" (please note the sarcasm) waiter who seemed to be in a good mood... Until he decided to take Dad's steak knife while Dad was still eating...  Talk about awkward.  My dad isn't a meek or small man by any means so it got tense.  I am still very confused as to what actually occurred, but I do wonder why the wait staff would start cleaning prior to everyone finishing...

Saturday was a lazy pool day.  We had Bloody Mary's and beers and I got a little extra sun even though I continuously reapplied the SPF.  By the time we left the pool I need a nap, which I took in my swim suit, haha.  The struggle was real, but I got ready to see Alabama and added some more booze to my system.  We knew other mountain people were out in Laughlin for the concert so we all met up and had a blast.

We headed home Sunday and I spent the day folding laundry and watching Netflix because I am classy like that.

Hope y'all have a happy Monday!

Bella And The City