Friday, March 20, 2015


I cannot tell y'all how happy I am that it is Friday.  I have felt exhausted and hungover basically everyday and the only two nights I drank were Tuesday and Thursday... Which means this week beat me up.

I had a house guest with a dog that has to go out every three or so hours so I literally was wide awake with anticipation waiting for the dog to be let out.

Somehow my main plumbing exit line became clogged and everything backed up into the shower... Thankfully I have saints as parents and they dealt with it and got it taken care of, but seriously it was not fun!

I did a turn around trip to return said house guest to their dwelling in the Arizona sun...  Up at 5 am after St. Patty's Day to drive across the desert and turn around and come home.  I also got to sit in traffic for about an hour in park due to a semi truck accident.  It appeared everyone was ok, but dang.  There was also a fabulous lightning and rain storm.

I realized how low my bullshit tolerance is, how much I expect out of people and how badly I really need a vacation.  

Sadly, due to the plumbing crisis I had to put off my blate with Juilette, but you had better believe, come next Tuesday we will be sipping margs and eating tacos!

I hope everyone's weeks were less "crappy" (pun intended) than my own!