Thursday, March 19, 2015

Third Thursday Travel

It is the third Thursday of the month which means it is time for a travel link up!

Ever have those weeks where things go to poo so fast that you can't get your head on straight?  That is my week this week and I promise to share more about that tomorrow.  However, today is all about travel since it is the third Thursday and all that jazz!

Over the last few days I have been longing for a road trip with no real plan except heading north.  I have a few road trips under my belt, but I have never actually planned out my own road trip,  nor have I ever jut gotten into my Jeep and just taken off, which I am starting to think is what needs to be done.  I mean there is an entire world of possibilities, so why not embrace it?

The whole idea of a road trip came to me (although I was think a road trip would be fun, I blame Britney and "Crossroads") once I read this article.  It seems like an amazing time, but truthfully I don't think that this trip would be up my alley at this point in time.

Here is what you need to plan out an "epic" road trip-

Road Map- I love using MapQuest and Google Maps.  I even like to bust out the navigation on my iPhone to help me out.

Budget- Having a gas / hotel room/ meal budget really allows you to figure out how far you can go and where you can stay.

Special Budget- I always do a separate budget for souvenirs or entrance fees to things I want to see.

Ultimate Playlist- I use Spotify and iTunes to create amazing musical playlists to boogie down to while driving so naturally those would be there for my playlist.

Emergency Kit- I am not just talking about band aids, I always make sure I have an extra blanket and pillow along with granola bars and water because you never know what could happen.  While you're at it, be sure to pack some biodegradable TP just in case.

Once you've got all of this, I dare you to jump in the car and go!  I'm itching to go!

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