Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

I am a self proclaimed weirdo and I am totally ok with that.  From time to time I can be pretty adamant on what I want.  For instance, I hate eating at Chili's... It is fine to grab a beer or appetizers, but to actually have that gross Tex-Mex fusion as a meal makes me want to gag and therefore my family hates me.  They will ask where I want to eat and instead of coming up with a place, I list everywhere I hate.  Only recently have I removed El Torito from that list, but Chili's and Taco Bell will forever remain there.

Here are a few other things I refuse to budge on-

Black elastic hair ties- I will only purchase black or dark brown hair elastics.  I hate the color ones for no other reason except I refuse to have to match my hair elastics to my outfit.

Bobby pins- Brown or blonde colored ones... No black or colored ones.

Salt rimmed glasses- if I order a Bloody Mary or Margarita of course I want the salt rim.  Why do you even ask this?  For all of you who don't do the salt rim, you're annoying and have forever changed the way I order those drinks.

Black ink- Not my favorite...  I love to use blue as a legal signature.  In fact I love when places make you sign with blue and everyone is searching for a blue except for me, because clearly I have one in my bag already.

Windows down- I have to have fresh air coming into my car no matter what the temperature is.  In the winter I will have the heater on full blast, but you'd better believe the wind is whipping through my hair.  This is definitely the reason I am prone to ear aches and infections, but I can't stop, won't stop.

Screening phone calls- yes this is probably extremely immature, but if I don't recognize a phone number or don't want to talk to the person who is calling there is a 100% chance I will not be answering the phone.  This is why I pay for caller ID after all.

Black Mascara- I don't know why they make any other color.  Sure I had Bad Gal in plum and blue, but I always wandered back to blackest black.

See, I can be pretty darn stubborn from time to time.