Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Recap- Pirate Adventures

Wow, it is Monday already... Boo hoo to that.  This weekend flew by entirely too fast and I am reeling with a headache today and isn't from whiskey.

Friday night we celebrated my nephew's 6th birthday with the family dinner and cake... It was rather uneventful with exception to the awesome shamrock glasses I got both kids.

Clearly the adults had more fun than the kids did!

Saturday we headed to "Pirate Adventures" in Buena Park.  It was my first time doing anything like that... Think Medieval Times but a pirate version.  It was crowded and there wasn't much leg room , but we had a blast!  (Oh and this totally counts toward my 30 x 30 list!)

Yes the Pirate story line was lame, but I have to hand it to the performers, they were very talented people.

I wore green to celebrate St. Patty's early.  There will be no green beer for this girl on Tuesday.

Sunday was full of laundry and cleaning...  Ugh spring cleaning, but that is ok because I also was the host on TheBlogLife101 on Instagram yesterday.

This week will be the 2nd edition of the "Third Thursday Travel" and I also have my very first blate with Juilette... I hope I am not too awkward!

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