Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Recap- GOOD TIME

Oh lord it is Monday.. A foggy, wish I could stay in bed type Monday.  Actually the weather is great, it's nice to have a seasonal storm rather than the endless summer that has become Southern Californian life.

My weekend was jam packed full of beer, sunshine an  country music.  So much that I may have even fallen down but we aren't going to discuss that as I am a complete klutz and if I am not falling down or tripping there is something seriously wrong with me.

Friday I was out of work a little after noon and hitched a ride with my parentals to head to Laughlin for their "Keepin It Country" weekend where Alan Jackson played with Brandy Clark and Jon Pardi on Saturday night.

I drank Bush Mills whiskey (worst idea ever) and some Bud Light.  I made new friends who apparently love Toby Keith in concert- which I do not.  We made it to the diner in a casino and had the weirdest waitress on the planet.  As in she undid and opened my flatware for me and laid the napkin in my lap.  It was too much and I got the giggles.  It was as if she was going to spoon feed me.  I guess I should feel lucky that I didn't get a bib tied around my neck.

Saturday was a late morning start and off to the pool for sun and beer.  It was so nice to be poolside in the month of February- not that I know what winter feels like anymore.

Saturday night was Alan Jackson and man is he a good performer.  We never even tried to head to our seats, we just stayed beer garden side with the luck of on stage tv screens as aid.  It was a great concert and we again drank WAY too much beer.

Typical boot and beer photo.


He really does love us, even if he looks super annoyed.

I have no idea, but we were "that" group.

Aren't my parents totes adorbs?

Yes I could barely open my eyes and had to use the menu as a shield from flying ice and sugar packets...  Tsk tsk!

Sunday I was up at the ass crack to come home and basically was a worthless human yesterday!

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